Maryann Austin

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In the Land of Cotton is the story of Della Cotton, a girl who assumes her dead brother's identity and fights in the American Civil War.


The Civil War, that most tragic and devastating engagement of brother against brother, came to its bloody conclusion in 1865. Yet, Maryann Austin's beautifully written tale places the reader squarely in the middle of it. The Cotton family, so strong and tightly woven, is subject to circumstances that resonate strongly today, a century and a half later. Family connections, stalwart and pervasive systems of belief and behavior, and the capricious nature of circumstance provide the underpinnings for a well written and intriguing story that keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end. There is so much sadness and loss, yet a shimmering thread of hope, even redemption, glistens in the darkness. Once you pick this book up and read the preface, you will not want to put it down; it is a story to remember.

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"You won't find me sitting around your sorry campfire at the next bivouac."





Review from a reader on Amazon

In her second novel, Ms. Austin tells the story of Della Cotton; young and naïve, but not for long. Through flashback, the reader sees what motivates Della to assume her brother's identity and fight in the Civil War, affecting many lives in the process. The well-developed characters are challenged by circumstance and consequence. The reader can't help but wonder if they would make the same choices or have as much courage of conviction. This is an intriguing story which combines the physical world with the spiritual one. Ms.Austin delivers a novel with a wide range of emotion, from vengeance to grief and, most of all, love. This is a must read!